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Parker Enterprise

Parker Enterprise Company is experienced at successfully delivering bespoke employability, wellbeing, digital skills and vocational training solutions to the hardest to help and most challenging participants facing a range of primary and secondary barriers to employment. Delivered by highly competent, qualified, knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Leading Wellbeing, Employability & Training Solutions Provider

Parker Enterprise are a new company who provides training courses and employability skills for certain individuals. The owner approached us at Levelone Creative when she first started out wanting a logo, a website and to expand her company. Parker Enterprise had some ideas such as logo design and colour schemes and we helped with the rest. We used different images for each page, bullet points, galleries and even added some staff profiles in

The Parker Enterprise site is very simple to navigate around, and this makes it easy for either people looking for a job or people who want to learn with the company to find what they are looking for.

The requirements of this project were to include: Website, marketing, SEO & logo design.

Web Services:
Contact form, website, testimonials, services description, galleries, key features, navigation, staff profiles, google map embedment & blogs.

Marketing Services:
Google business listing, outbound URL links, customer review prompt & partner & employer networks.

Design Services:

Design, Marketing, Web