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Ayrshire Web Design

Levelone Creative are an established website design & digital marketing organisation based in Ayrshire, Scotland. Levelone Creative design professional websites offering a personal service to every client at an affordable price.

Our Creative Design Team Excel In Service & Go The Extra Mile

Our stunning website designs are all Search Engine friendly adopting best practices, ensuring your new site will appear on Google & Bing search results by targeting those all important SEO keywords & phrases. Multi-device design guarantees your website will run smoothly on desktops, laptops, tablets & mobile phones. Do you already have a website? Perhaps your existing site is slow and under performing, requiring an update to attract new customers.

Website Design Focused On Our Clients

Every stunning website that we build is unique and tailored to the needs of our clients. We don’t offer website design packages; we build our stunning website designs around our customers to help them achieve their business goals at affordable prices. Our development team are fully qualified website designers & professional marketing operatives, utilising the latest techniques in development to drive more customers to your website.

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Experienced In Building Professional Websites

Additionally, our designers possess high-level expertise in design, planning, building, testing and launching professional websites, for small, medium and large enterprises throughout Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Argyll & Scotland. We offer a free quote for initial consultations.

Web Development – Creative & Design Services

In addition to attracting new customers with a new website we offer related online services such as: branding, logo design, brand management, web hosting, SEO support, CMS training & support, graphic design, Google advertising, site health inspections, SSL Certificate installation, Google Analytics set up and monitoring, domain name registration & transfers, stock image selection, e commerce development with unlimited products for businesses in Ayrshire & Scotland . You can view our latest projects on our website design work page.

Digital Marketing

You have just launched your new website, but how do you drive customers to your new portal? Online marketing is an indispensable part of modern UK wide online promotion, and Ayrshire is no exception. In a world where technology has become ubiquitous, digital marketing offers a powerful tool for business owners to connect with new and current clients and grow their reach.

Over 10 Years Experience With Numerous Delighted Clients

From small local businesses to multinational corporations, digital marketing is changing the game, and businesses in Ayrshire should not be caught lagging behind. We have experience in organic SEO & PPC advertising across Google & social media channels such as: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok.

Professional Website Design, E Commerce Sales & Mobile Friendly & Responsive

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Web Design Ayrshire – Table Of Contents

Levelone Creative – A List Of Services

We offer a full range of website design services in Ayrshire for organisations. We adopt a methodical SEO & mobile friendly design approach that will definitely get your new website noticed on Google & Bing, ensuring you have a distinct advantage over your competitors. All of our key services are listed below and will work in unison to give your organisation a strong online presence.

Website Development FAQ’s – Take Your Business Online

Do I Really Need A New Website?

As an owner who is starting out you will ask yourself, do I need a website? In order to compete online effectively the answer is a resounding, YES. The chances are, your local area or national competitors will already have a website showcasing their services or products and will feature in both Google’s organic search listing results and display a Google business profile and map location.

A Business Website Makes You Look Professional

Anyone can create a Facebook Business Page – it is quick, free and easy. On the other hand creating a website has a set up cost and requires some planning, but indicates to potential customers you are serious about how clients view your organisation, boosting your trustworthiness making you look professional & credible

Web development Is An Essential Step In The Customer Journey

An effective web platform is where you want your audience from different channels to end up. If new customers locate your business on social media, they will logically seek additional contact information on your organisation via your company website. If no website exits customers will loose interest and move on to another service provider who has a strong web presence.

A new website Is Essential For Local Businesses

Many small business owners will not invest in an effective business website, meaning they are missing out on an incredible amount of revenue. Most online users will search for local businesses online or visit your store or shop because of your online presence. A business website will enable you to capture all the potential and increase your profitability.

A Website Offers Social Proof

What your customers say about your organisation can determine if others will eventually become customers or users of your services. A website allows you to display your best testimonials to establish trust and social proof. Positive reviews from third-party users is one of the most influential factors of trust in the online community. Your own website will support this message.

A Professional Website Gives You Lasting Value

A well constructed website will continue to generate value long after it has launched. Paid advertising gives you a quick bounce and your customers will only see adverts for a long as you are paying to run them. You may not see instant results with your website but over time it will pay dividends and grow your service reach over time if managed correctly. We are not advising against using advertising to promote online, but we highly recommend an organic marketing strategy to establish longevity in your search results listings through key word or phrase placement & high value content creation.

Commissioning a Website Project Is Not As Expensive As You May Think

Some clients will resist building a web project due to cost and time involved. Small micro websites (less than 5 pages) can be assembled and delivered quickly on a reasonable budget and in some cases you may be eligible for funding or loans from your local authority to help with the website build and marketing of latest projects.

A search engine friendly Website Increases Visibility

There are almost 5 billion active internet users worldwide. Without a website your team or organisation is invisible to these users. If you develop & launch a website, you are on the road to building a brilliant company profile and engaging with your targeted audience.

A professional Website Can Help You Sell Online

E commerce sales have really exploded over the last few years. An online website store is open 24 hours a day – 7 days a week and underpins a bricks and mortar store (if you have one). There is no doubt an online store takes a lot of resources and effort to build but you can reap the rewards instantly and reduce operational overheads drastically.

A Business Website Offers Complete Control

Since your website is under your ownership, you have absolute freedom to create a unique user experience unlike social media portals. User reviews, movies, images, content, opinions and news items all be created. Freedom of expression is important for companies and you don’t always get this when using social media platforms such Facebook or Instagram.

Website Design Will Improve Customer Service & Experience

An effective, well planned website will contain important information for your customers. Location, hours of operation, frequently asked questions, cost of goods, delivery information, terms and conditions and general helpful content will enhance the customer experience. Additionally, this will lead to a reduction in enquires from customers which need to be handled by staff, who can focus on other vital processes to increase productivity.

A Website Helps You Edge Out The Competition

Even a small business which has a fully optimised website can compete with larger organisations. It is possible to outrank bigger website and get quality business leads organically from search engines such Google & Bing.

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Web Design Ayrshire – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a website take to build?

A basic website with 5-10 pages can take between 30-40 hours depending on the amount of content and media you would like to display. Ecommerce sites take longer to develop a they have multiple layers of dynamic functionality required to display products. These types of sites can be developed in 60-80 hours dependent on the product range and scope.

Do I need to supply any resources?

As the business owner we would expect you to supply industry specific information such as technical detail on services and goods. We can develop the content to make it more appealing and visible to Google Search Engine. Photography, videos, layout, navigation and the user experience are all created by us. Owners who are more involved in the project are generally happier with the final design.

Do you offer a payment plan to help spread the cost of project development?

We do not offer any finance solutions. However, we are happy to work with organisations and incorporate a staged payment system to help spread the cost of development. Communication is key and payment is discussed in our initial client / developer meetings.

What do you charge for a website build?

Prices will vary from project to project and hourly fees can range from £30-60 per hour dependent on the skill set of the developer and the complexity of the coding required. Hourly costs are laid out in the development agreement and you will know exactly how much your website build will cost beforehand.

Can I Build My Own Website?

Yes, you probably can but we can almost say with certainty your self-built website will not rank highly on Google or satisfy the needs of your staff or potential customers. We recommend you leave website development to a professional who has not only trained at University in a complex discipline but is immersed in a development and online marketing environment on a daily basis.

Can I Update My Own Website?

Some websites have content management capabilities and if you have a solid knowledge of the system back-end you can perform basic updates. We recommend you look at a maintenance plan which will keep your website looking fresh, secure and accessible across all device types (mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop. For a nominal monthly fee, you can rest assured your website will be well looked after.

Do You Offer Other Services Other Than Web Design?

Yes. We offer a whole range of services which are listed at the top of the page. Hosting, emails, SSL certificates, maintenance for existing websites and visitor analytics are some of the services we offer. Our design department also specialise in photography, corporate branding, flyer & business card design and printing.

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