Why SEO can help your business

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Why SEO can help your business

So you commissioned a new website, it looks great and everyone is telling you how fantastic the interface is and how amazing your products are, trouble is, nobody is visiting or purchasing from your website – sound familiar?

Where does your business appear in Google, Bing or Yahoo keyword searches? If you are listed on page one, then the chances are you have undertaken extensive SEO enhancements and are fully aware of the benefits these processes bring to your domain. Search Engine Optismisation is defined by a list of sustainable, ethical on-page and off-page practices focusing on improving your search ranking positioning for your domain and should most certainly be undertaken by a reputable organisation in the field who have a proven track record of success. We say ‘ethical’ because you need to adopt an honest approach to promoting your domain as Google and other search companies will quickly punish you for unethical behavior such as the practice of spamming – creating pages and schemas designed to artificially inflate rankings or abuse the ranking algorithms employed to sort content. It can take months, even years to recover from Google penalties if they decide to reinstate your domain at all.

Ten positions are returned by Google, Bing or Yahoo and ordered by rank, with click-through traffic based on their relative position & ability to feature in searches. Positions 1, 2 and 3 receive more visitations than results down the page, and considerably more than results on deeper pages. The fact that so much attention goes to so few listings means that there will always be a financial incentive for search engine rankings. No matter how search may change in the future, websites and businesses will compete with one another for this traffic, branding, and visibility it provides. Where are you looking in this Google Search?

When we speak about SEO, we speak of organic SEO, which provides long term growth and lasting impressions through index-able structures that search spiders can easily crawl. Paid advertising is acceptable in some circumstances but it has been proven that paid Adword Campaigns leave no long term organic search legacy for your online business, signalling that revenue assigned for Adword marketing would be better directed toward an ongoing sustainable optimisation strategy. Get the real SEO nitty gritty on our SEO Page.

Google’s Panda algorithm launched in 2011 was designed to return higher value results for each search, thus eliminating ‘thin’ websites with poor value and unoriginal content plus a whole host of other factors which would build up an overall assessment of your domain authority on the web, intuitive enough to recognise over-optimised websites and rank these accordingly. Crawlable Link Structures, Keyword Usage & Targeting, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, URL Structures, Canonical & Duplicate Versions of Content, Rich Snippets, Compelling Original Content, Link Building Strategies, Social Sharing, RSS and Sitemaps are all essential elements of an organic SEO campaign.

At Levelone Creative our moto is – ‘If you can measure it, you can improve it’. We go beyond the realms of Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools (not to be ignored, but not SEO specific). Levelone Creative partner with SEO experts who have been deeply involved in the art of ‘search’ since 1996. Through targeted domain management we can build towards a page one listing for your business and track changes and progress, crunching the data on your behalf and improving week on week until your objective has been achieved underpinned with reporting graphs and tables outlining measured improvements in search ranking results. Companies promising page one listing in a few weeks may be operating unethical strategies and should be avoided, the very nature of search and how search spiders operate mean changes in coding and keyword placement may take weeks to filter through depending on how often your domain is crawled.

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