Junior Developer Argyll Field Trip

Junior Developer Argyll Field Trip

So the Levelone Creative junior developers were signalling to the High-Heid-Yins that business productivity would increase if they were allowed out of the Kilmarnock office more often and experience life beyond the confines of a busy programming and design studio. After some serious brow beating doubleK agreed to let the juniors head off to Argyll on a fact finding mission last weekend to uncover if any development opportunities existed within Argyll’s thriving aviation industry.

Having decided to visit the hub of Argyll aviation OK & MK arrived at North Connel Airport to check out the refueling services offered by Total Logistics Concepts.The team were overwhelmed with the amount of traffic buzzing around Oban on their impromptu visit. Head of logistics LPK suggested the team get some hands-on aviation experience and take to the Argyll airways in order to deliver a more detailed field analysis for the trip.

The Junior Developers encountered Andrew Wall’s wonderful Gyro Plane flying out of Carlisle for the Cumbria Gyroplane organisation and were lucky enough to get a quick spin in his unique flying machine. Further excitements involved a chance meeting with Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame, who was stopping over at North Connel for Jet-A1 and some Jammie Dodgers and light refreshments.

The Space Cowboys returned to the office on Monday filled with excitement and informed the business that the fact finding field trips would be a monthly occurrence in their busy diaries……job done.

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